Positive Reinforcement For Your Pets

You know you want to train your pet yourself and your way but you don’t know how to reward your pet when they do something you want them to do?

What you’re looking for is positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is a very useful tool to shapen your pet’s behaviour.

I know I’d be happy if someone gave me 100 dollars each time I did something well. But pets don’t have any use for money… They care about praise. They literally glow when they are praised.

Positive reinforcement training means using a reward for everytime your pet does something right.

The reward could be a treat, a toy, petting, praising and cooing; basically anything your pet finds rewarding. And the idea is simple. The reward makes the pet more willing to repeat that behaviour.

So they’re always willing to be a good boy or girl for some goodies.

There are some tips to follow:

1) Timing: The reward must occur immediately the pet performs said action. If not, they’d forget and not relate the reward with the action. Same goes for discipline and ‘punishment’.

Example: If you ask your pet to sit and reward them after they stand up.. They’d think you’re rewarding them for standing

2) Keep commands short: Pets don’t understand long sentences. Eg Use ‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘down’ ‘watch’ ‘up’ ‘quiet’ etc instead of “Jesse I want you sit down”

“Yuuki I would love if you stayed here till I get back”

“Ruby, come up to the chair”

Also, say these commands in a calm clear voice

3) be consistent: See it as exercise or practice. It has to be continuous to get sustainable results

Remember positive reinforcement is for good behaviour only.

Be careful not to use positive reinforcement to reward bad behaviour, Knowingly or not.

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