Have you ever been in a situation whereby your pet starts salivating and vomiting because of ingestion of ‘bad’ substances or your pet bleeding out because of some cuts?

There are basic first aid procedures you should know as a paw parent. Keep reading to learn about them.

First thing to learn is to remain calm despite the situation as this will help you decide your next line of action.

1. Chemical poisoning and toxins

Chemical poisoning are commonly seen with pets, so it is appropriate you know what to do.

If ingested, give activated charcoal (this is a commercially produced charcoal, which is safe for oral use).

This helps to adsorb all the toxins from the gut and prevent further absorption into the body.

Do not make palm oil your go-to-option as it does more harm than good most time!!!

If on the skin, wash the site excessively with soap and water to wash off the chemicals.

Doing this before taking the pet to the Vet help to reduce the level of toxins absorbed into the body.

2. Bleeding

Peradventure your pet gets injured or cut while playing, which resulted in bleeding. Get a clean, thick gauze and place over it while applying pressure on the wound.

The wound should form a clot after some minutes, but if it doesn’t and gets severe, rush the pet to the clinic immediately.

3. Seizures

If your pet is experiencing seizures for the first time, it can be scary, but ensure that dangerous objects that can injure the pet are removed totally from the scene.

Do not restrain the pet to avoid being bitten. After the episode, keep the pet in a warm and quiet place and see a vet.

4. Fracture

Your pet can get very aggressive in cases like this because of the excruciating pain, if possible, use a mouth guard before examining the site.

Do not apply pressure to the site of pressure, as it can be very painful. Take your pet to the Vet for further examination.

During transit to the vet, place the pet on a firm surface and support the affected site.

5. Burns

Cases of burns can be severe and serious, so immediately wash the pet under cool running water for some minutes depending on the severity.

Do not rub the site of burn while washing. After which you should see a vet for necessary treatment.

It is worthy to note that none of these first aid procedures can substitute a vet’s attention; it is only meant to stabilize the pet before seeing the doctor.

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