Before now, I am sure one way or the other you have heard about ‘the culprit’Parvo, either from your Vet or breeder, because of its deadly actions on dogs especially puppies, it is important you know what it is about and how you can prevent your dogs from being a victim.

What is Parvo?

Parvo is a highly contagious viral disease of dogs especially puppies. Puppies between the age of 6-20 weeks are at higher risk of being affected, which is why starting vaccination as early as 6 weeks is advised to reduce the risk.

Cause of Parvo

Parvo is caused by a virus called Canine ParvoVirus(CPV). The virus causes diseases in two forms; the Intestinal Form and the Cardiac Form.

The Intestinal form is the most common type dogs come down with, symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, weight loss, dehydration are seen in this form.

The Cardiac form is the least common type of the disease which causes the heart to malfunction thereby resulting to death of dogs.

Parvo can kill as early as the third day of showing symptoms.

Symptoms of Parvo

The Intestinal form of the diseases has several symptoms such as severe watery to bloody diarrhea, vomition, loss of appetite, weakness, rapid weight loss, fever and abdominal pain.

Persistent vomition and diarrhoea may lead to dehydration which can cause death of the dog if not attended to promptly.

Transmission of Parvo

Parvo as a highly contagious disease spreads through direct contact with infected dogs or indirectly with contaminated objects. Puppies are exposed to the virus through licking, sniffing and consuming contaminated materials.

Prevention of Parvo

The best way to prevent your dogs from parvo is through Vaccination by ensuring that they take the complete 3 shots of DHLPP and annual vaccination.

Bring your dogs for Vaccination!!!

Also, avoid exposing puppies to public places when not fully vaccinated and maintain good level of hygiene.

When you notice any of the symptoms above, consider it an emergency and Call Us Immediately, early diagnosis and treatment increases the chances of survival.

‘Remember Parvo is your dog’s enemy’.

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