National Cat Lovers Month

Few months present as many celebrations as this December. Fifa World Cup Finals, Christmas are just some of the celebrations around the world this month, but what you may not know is that December is also National Cat Lover’s Month.

Here are 5 things to know about these feline creatures-

  1. Cats are digitigrade

    This means that, unlike many other animals, they walk on their toes.

  2. They sleep for 70% of their life

    Cats sleep for 13 to 16 hours a day to save energy.

  3. Purring means they’re content

    Most of the time, a cat will purr when it is happy and content.

  4. A large population

    Approximately 400 million cats are living around the world today.

  5. Cats domesticated themselves

    Cats became loving domesticated companions for humans without ever changing much.

    Don’t forget to give your kitties some extra love this month!”

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