In the last article on ULTIMATE PETCARE, I mentioned how paramount it is to regularly bath and clean pets.

In this article, you will learn 5 basic tips on how to properly bathe your pets at home.


1. Brush the hair before bathing

This is important because matted hair soaked in water is difficult to dry and can cause irritations to the skin. Brushing the hair helps to detangle the few matted hair before bathing but in cases where the hair is massively matted,it is advisable to shave off the hair completely before bathing.

2. Use of lukewarm water

Bathing of your pets should be done mostly during the sunny period of the day,the water shouldn’t be too hot or cold to prevent a drastic change in the body temperature of the pet.

3. Use of recommended shampoo for pets

The shampoo used for bathing your pets should be pet friendly,not harsh to the skin or cause irritation. It should lather well and be easy to wash off.

4. Towel drying your pets

After washing off the shampoo with clean water, the pet should be towel dried to remove excess water from the body and also to make drying faster.

5. Airdrying your pets

To give your pet a fluffy look and hair,airdrying the pet with a hair dryer or a pet dryer is advisable. Ensure to brush the hair out as you air-dry.

You can spray a pet perfume afterwards to give your pet a nice smell.


    1. Thank you so much for reading.
      Yes,you can use cod liver oil,it’s very good for the skin,it gives the pet a shining and fine skin.

    1. Thank you for visiting. Once a week is great But if your pets get dirt on themselves like maybe if they fall into a mud puddle, they should be given a bath immediately.

    1. Hello. Great question. For safety reasons it’s best to start at 8 weeks ( even this depends on the breed and size of the pet). Before then you can do towel/sponge baths. By soaking a piece of clean clothing or towel in lukewarm water with a bit of pet approved non irritant shampoo and just wipe them clean.you can proceed to towel dry with a dry towel or use a low heat drier. Don’t forget your pet cologne 😁. All these items can be purchased at our store.

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