Housebreaking is the process of training a domesticated animal to excrete (urinate and defecate) outdoors, or in a designated indoor area (such as an absorbent pad or a litter box), rather than instinctively excreting inside the house.

In simpler words, Housebreaking is the process of training a pet not to poo or pee in the house. It is also called House training.

Having a pet doesn’t equate to having a messy and dirty house, with proper training of the pets, they can learn when and where to pee and poo.

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Below is a step-by-step process you can use to train your pets.

1. Create a routine schedule

It’s important to note that puppies can’t hold urine for a long period of time in their bladder, so this routine has to be at frequent intervals.

Taking them,especially puppies,out to poo/pee after an interval of 15minutes after feeding is helpful.

2. Have a designated location

You can decide if you want your pet to poo/pee outdoors or indoor. If outdoor, ensure to take the pet to the same area to pee/poo, over time the pet gets used to excreting there by sniffing around.

For indoors, you can use disposable pads and bathroom.

3. Release your Pet on its own

After a long period of training, release your pet on its own to know if it has learnt where to poo/pee. To be sure that in your absence, it will not mess up the house.

4. Give your pets treat.

For every time your pet poo/pee at its designated location, it does deserve a treat as this will serve as an appraisal for being good and obedient which encourages the pet to do better.

Housebreaking may require your time and effort, but once your pet is properly trained, it becomes stress free and easy to have a pet around your house.

These steps can be applied in both young and adult dogs.

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