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Getting a pet can be as easy as picking groceries off the shelves of a superstore. However, if you are not properly prepared for this new company it will be a lot easier to climb the Olumo rock without breaking a sweat than to adjust one’s life to the new changes. Here are our top three (3) questions to consider before adopting a pet.

  1. Do I have the time and space available for a pet?

All pets requires daily interaction which ranges from feeding, play time, exercise, cleaning (the pet and the pet’s environment) and trips to a veterinarian and perhaps a groomer. Do you have adequate space as most dogs appreciate space outside (a yard, dog park, etc.) to get adequate exercise and to just enjoy being a dog. Cats and caged pets need space for litter boxes, scratching posts, cages and related supplies as well as room to play.

  1. Do I have the financial resources available to provide veterinary care, grooming needs and food for a pet?

Maintaining a pet is not only having an extra mouth to feed but also giving your pet the best preventive veterinary care, which makes them capable of being your best buddy round the clock.

  1. Have I considered the needs of the pet I would like to have?

Considering a pet’s needs is especially important when deciding on the type of pet or the breed. For instance many dog breeds need a lot of exercise and interaction to maintain their physical and mental health. Most of these breeds are happiest when they have a “job” which requires a greater time commitment. If you travel often, consider a smaller pet that could travel with you or the possibility of boarding costs if the pet cannot travel with you.

Consider getting a new pet? Come talk to us, we will partner with you on the wellbeing of your pets.

You can give the office a call on 07048515479 with questions, or if your dog is obviously uncomfortable, bring your pet into an emergency clinic at House 3, Street V4, Off Road 6 Abraham Adesanya Estate Ajah, 101245, Lagos.

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