Coco Sit! *Coco instantly sits*

That proud parent moment! I’m sure every pawparent loves moments like this, moments when their dogs are obedient and well behaved.

However, having such proud moment comes with training the dog as early as 3-8weeks of age and may require a level of effort from the parent.

Even in cases whereby the pet attends training classes, the parent still has the duty of reinforcing the training at home.

Obedience dog training refers to the process of teaching your dog basic commands, behavior and socialization.

Why Should You Consider Training Your Dog?


1. It strengthens human-dog bond

Training sessions help to build good rapport between a pet and its owner as they get to interact with each other frequently. This helps to build trust with each other and the pet gets utmost attention from its owner.

2. It boosts pet’s confidence

Training is of great help to dogs with low self esteem or that are timid. Constant interaction with humans helps build confidence in the pet. The level of its confidence increases as it learns new things and tries doing them.

3. It keeps the dog mentally and physically fit

Training helps in stimulating the dog mentally, as it gets to think and process instructions given by the trainer thereby making the dog fit mentally.

Activities carried out during the training sessions also serve as exercises which help burn off excess calories and keep the dog physically active and healthy.

4. It curbs bad and destructive behavior

Training helps dogs to unlearn bad behaviors or habits as it begins to learn the right things its owner wants it to do and how to behave appropriately.

Also, training helps to keep the pet busy and prevents it from engaging in destructive activities due to boredom.

It is important to add that pet products such as collar, leash, harness, treats, toys etc come in handy in making the training sessions interesting and easy for you and your pet. Contact us to get yours now!

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