As humans get bored so do pets. They love getting attention and show of love from their parents, unfortunately, we can’t always be around them 24/7 due to work calls and other activities.

Below are signs that your pet might be bored:

1. Chewing

A bored pet will usually look for things to chew on to keep busy and this is very detrimental to your properties such as shoes, rugs, carpets etc.

2. Digging

In a means to kill boredom, your pet can engage in digging behaviour which may be destructive to your beautiful garden, flower pots and floors. It can be very heartbreaking to come home to a destroyed garden.

3. Self-mutilation

This occurs when a pet excessively licks, scratch or bite itself, thereby causing mild to severe injury to its skin. It is important to note that this could also be as a result of an underlying skin disease.

4. Noise making

Most dogs start to bark excessively when they are seeking for attention from their owners. Cats may begin to yowl when bored.



1. Engaging them

One of the ways of killing boredom in pets is by engaging them with various activities such as training, taking them on walk, creating a ‘pet-time’ on your daily schedule.

2. Providing chew toys

Chew toys are helpful for your pets as it keeps them busy and occupied they are also great for tooth cleaning . You can for Order yours now!

Having enough toys to play around with could save your shoes and other materials from destruction.

3. Booking Pet Play date.

Frequently taking your pets out to parks and boarding them help shake off some boredom in them, as they get to interact and engage in fun activities. Our boarding facility is always open for you! We offer daycare boarding, socialization play dates and overnight boarding. Give us a call for more information

4. Minimizing the amount of time your pet spends alone.

To prevent self mutilation as a result of boredom, ensure that your pet doesn’t spend a lot of time all by itself and frequently check its body for injuries that could encourge mutilation.

5. Having a pet mate

Having more than one pet is therapeutic for pets, as they get to keep each other’s company and have a playmate thereby preventing them from being bored.

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