It is salary week, and everybody can’t wait to be paid, some people’s phones are on the loudest volume so they can hear when the alert enters while some have been refreshing their bank app because there are expenses lined up to be met.

A very high percentage of a typical Nigerian’s salary goes to house rent, transportation cost and food with little or nothing left for emergencies.

For most people, there is no money left because their salaries have been budgeted for one thing or the other while very few people can barely save or invest 10% of their salaries.

With the hike in price of virtually all basic amenities, the cost of living keeps getting higher without an increase in salary.

Most Parents are quite happy because school is on break, at least they can relax a bit from school fees.

However, plans are needed for vacation which will involve stocking up the house with groceries and junks for the kids, taking them out for extra curicular activities, getting new clothes and shoes.

Money is never enough,no amount of money is ever enough, there is always something to spend money on. This has led to the campaign of having multiple streams of income such that at the end of the month, there is still a tangible amount left to be saved or invested after sorting compulsory expenses.

Exploring supplies’ alternatives that are of good quality, readily available and affordable is another good means of maximising your funds.

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