Pet Socialization is the process of preparing a dog or cat to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places and activities.

Pet socialization should ideally begin during the “sensitive period” which is between 3 and 14 weeks of age for puppies, and 3 and 9 weeks of age for kittens.

Poorly socialized puppies can get dreadful of other dogs, individuals, and around anybody and anything outside of their schedule. This fear can lead to aggression.

Studies has shown that poor socialization is a major factor for dogs with aggressive tendencies.

How To Socialize your pets?

1. Taking your pet on a walk

After your pet has been fully vaccinated, you can begin to walk it around the neighborhood using a leash.

During the walk, it comes in contact with other dogs, animals and humans and get used to the environment and area.

2. Visiting dog parks.

Your pet gets to interact with other dogs of different breeds and size and this helps to build its confidence and temperament when around other dogs.

3. Boarding your pets.

Boarding is a perfect way for your puppy to make friends as they live, play and walk around with other dogs.

They get used to having other dogs around and do not get fearful when introduced to other dogs.

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4. Attending puppy classes

Puppy classes train to build skills that provide understanding between you and your pet and also create an avenue for your pet to interact with other puppies.

It is important to reiterate
that taking your pets to the public should only be done after they are fully vaccinated.

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