Ever wondered why we’re always insisting on vaccinations?

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Vaccination is the process of preventing and controlling the occurrence of infectious diseases in animals, and also to reduce the transmission of harmful agents that can get your pet sick.

Simply put, Vaccines induce immunity that prevents infection.

Vaccination is a very key way of having healthy and disease free pets. So it’s a no brainer to vaccinate your pets.

In Dogs, there are two major vaccines,that must be taken to protect their health.


This is a combination shot against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvoviral infection and Parainfluenza.

This vaccine provides your pets with immunity against these 5 diseases which are life threatening to the dogs.

This vaccine is taken in 3 shots; 1st shot is administered to puppies at 6weeks, (especially when the vaccination history of the mother is unknown), after an interval of 3 weeks the 2nd shot is given and after an interval of another 3 weeks,the 3rd shot is also administered.

Thereafter,yearly booster shots is administered.


Rabies is a deadly viral disease which is usually transmissible to humans (humans can get it too) through bites and scratch.

It is very important to administer it to your pets as it not only protects the dog, it also prevents transmission of the disease to people.

This vaccine is administered to puppies at 12 weeks(3 months) and a yearly booster dose is required afterwards.

Prevention is better than cure, you spend less by vaccinating and also get to give your pet a healthy life.

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