Hooorraaayyyyy!!! It’s International Cat Day, this is a day set aside to celebrate these precious creatures, Cats are one of the favourite pets people like to keep in the world.

However, in this part of the world, it is believed that they are superstitious being and are a device for witchcraft, this belief has deterred a lot of people from having them as pets due to the natural hatred they have grown to have for cats.

In this article, I will be educating you on some special features about cats and why you should consider having them as a pet.

1. Cats are intelligent

According to research, cats have 90% similar brain structure to humans, and this help with their cognitive ability. They are fast learners and can learn on their own.

2. Cats are less expensive to keep

Cats are easy to maintain as they do not require a whole lot of food(they are carnivores by nature), grooming(they are neat and groom themeselves regularly but may be needed in long hair cats) and housing. They make great apartment space as they require less space and can be kept in a small apartment.

3. Cats are easy to house train

Due to their intelligence, they pick up training fast and learn to use their litter box which makes it less stressful to their owner. The litter box is used to train them on where to urinate and defecate.

4. Cats have a lengthy life span

According to a common myth, “Cats have 9lives”, because it is believed they are capable of evading death from dangerous situations. Most cats live up to 10-15 years, although your pet’s survival is dependent on its nutrition, environment and healthcare.

5. Cats are polyestrous

Cats come on heat multiple times in a year,unlike dogs that come on heat at most twice in a year. When mated, they can give birth to a litter of 4-5 kittens. They are induced ovulators, that is, they do not ovulate without being mated by a tom cat.

I hope with these special features listed above, you will consider having one soon and if you have one already, your cat deserves a nice treat today!

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